Played By Max Changmin (Not an Actor)
Gender Male
Birthdate November 1
Age 17
Birthplace Unknown; Assumed in the East
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives None
Daemon Carmen (Canary)


Zilo has slightly, naturally tanned skin. His hair is straight and black. It can grow very long, but he cuts it short so the bangs only reach his chin in a layered fashion. His eyes are brown. He wears a baggy long sleeved, pale yellow top, with a dark mustard cloak hanging from around his neck. His pants are less baggy, but still loose, and are also a dark mustard color. His shoes are dark leather slippers. He's 17 years old, but he's a rather short boy who stands at about 5'7". He's often seen caring around a lute and is ready to play a tune or tell a story to anyone who cares to listen. He loves seeing others smile and happy, and he's constantly smiling as well. He looks like a Gyptian, but he also has some features of some other sort of Eastern ethnicity. It is not sure if he is of Corean, Nipponese, or Tartar decent.


Carmen2.jpg Carmen is a bright yellow, domestic-sized canary. The ends of her feathers are a goldenrod color. Despite heer being a female canary, she's still beautiful and brightly colored, and has a beautiful singing voice to match. She chirps and sings very often. She expresses Zilo's innermost thoughts and can switch from being the more mature to the least mature of the two in a matter of seconds. For example, if a kid were to throw something at Zilo, Carmen would insist that he chase the child and throw the object back. Zilo would refuse to do so however, being a pacifist and all, despite how childish he acts. Carmen is as delicate and fragile as Zilo is, being a canary and all. She always gets a weird feeling and comments whenever she thinks something bad is going to happen. Zilo sometimes does or does not heed her warnings, and pays for it when he doesn't.


Zilo is an orphan raised by Gyptians. He was originally a two year-old that was accompanying a group of Tartars who had attacked a Gyptian boat. The Gyptians killed the Tartars in self defense and found Zilo there. Theyy felt sympathetic and took in the little boy as their own, as if he were family. Because of this, Zilo is assumed to be Tartar, but he seems to have a small sort of resemblance to an Eastern country such as Corea or Nippon. Zilo still considers himself a Gyptian and would deny being a Tartar. He will joke sometimes and tell stories of how he was raised. For example, one of his stories says his mother originally put him in the ocean in a basket, he washed to shore, was raised by wolves for a bit, and then founded by the Gyptians.

Because he was raised by Gyptians, he became very much into their culture. He loves telling stories and music, and he makes failed attempts to tell the future by reading another person's palm. This made a few other Gyptian children mad at him when fortunes turned out to be wrong. When the Gyptians come to London to trade their goods with the Brytish, he's usually at the docks to entertain children and sometimes earn gold coins. He's very sympatethic and can easily be swayed emotionally. He's easy to fool and lie to, especially towards children and if tears are involved.

Being a Gyptian, family means everything to him. He considers anyone close to him like family. He will do his best to please friends and make sure they aren't hurt. He will try his best to cheer them up. When he is personally upset, he'll try his best to hide it and mask it under a song or a tale. He loves telling tall-tales and fibs. He's not very violent at all and very friendly. He's actually very fragile and not a fighter at all. His daemon is a yellow canary named Carmen, who loves to sing. Despite being raised by Gyptians, he gets sea-sick sometimes and is usually seen sitting near the docks instead of actually in the Gyptian boats.


Zilo isn't anywhere close to an expert in combat. However, he can fight enough to moderately defend himself. He can easily be beaten, however. His forte is more of music and story telling. He's good at lying and being convincing. He loves telling tall tales and finds it easy to weave stories about others.


(Myer-Briggs Personality type: ESFP) He's very easy-going and very much optimistic. He's also very much a dreamer and very childish. His daemon can also be very childish as well, in which case he is the mature of the two and resists doing anything he'd deem 'too violent'. He's always constantly smiling and very sympathetic. He's easily offended and his emotions easily sway, but he'll hide it behind a smile, always.

When he IS upset, he will hide it behind a smile or avoid people. He will express it in the stories he tells or in his music. He just wants to have fun and make others happy and laugh. If he sees another person happy, then he is always happy. He's easily upset when 'people cannot get along' and when things turn out differently than he imagined. Because he is a dreamer, he's easily upset when things don't turn out for the better.

His motto is to 'Keep smiling things will turn out better as long as you have hope!'

Trivia / Other Info

  • Zilo has no set first name or last name. He adopted the name "Zilo" for his love of music.
  • Carmen means 'song' in Latin. Likewise, the animal 'canary' is assumed by the player to be derived from the verb in Latin that means 'to sing'.
  • Zilo is actually of Pacific Islander (most likely Filipino or something similiar) decent (mixed with some neighboring Asian countries, specifically Korean), but the player had no way to fit the Pacific Islander in with the HDM universe. Also, Zilo himself does not realize this, nor do other Gyptians.
  • Though he is male and his daemon is female, he seems to show an attraction to both men and women. However, he openly shows his affection more for women, for fear of what others would think if they knew he was attracted to men.
  • Zilo has never gone to school, being a Gyptian. He was barely taught to read and write, however, and he learned to play his lute or similiar stringed instruments on his own.
  • Since Gyptians were taught that lying was wrong, he tries his best not to lie. However, he will try and subtly withhold the truth and mask things with many descriptions and different wording. He also considers rumors and 'fictional stories' to not be lying, since he is a storyteller and he states that all stories he tells are not necessarily true.
  • He does not understand a lick of any other language other than English and a few words in Roman (Latin).
  • The player, at this moment, would much prefer putting up a drawn picture of Zilo. However, the best celebrity that the player found that Zilo looks a lot like is Max Changmin (1) (2) (3) from DBSK, except with much different clothes and a bit more of a tan.
  • Zilo's real, unknown Corean name is Hwan Jin Wook (Hwan - shining, bright. Jin = Precious. Wook - Rising Sun, dawn). His name among the Gyptians (spefically the family that first found him) is actually Zef (short for Jozef), but he has always insisted on being called Zilo so much that it stuck, even with the 'family' that found him. He finds 'Zilo' more appropriate anyway, since he knows he was only an adopted Gyptian.


All other Gyptian characters, he accepts as friends or family as soon as he gets to know them.

Angela - Really good friends with her after she gave him a yellow tulip.

IC Occurrences

A Different Type of Deception
When We Get Out

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