Contessa de la Mater Lamport
Played By Leighton Meester
Gender Female
Birthdate 12 December
Age 20
Birthplace France
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives Charles Lamport, husband
Daemon Phrixus (Magpie)

Tessa's Description

The young woman is tall and perhaps a little too slender for her height: there are no curves here, only angles. Dark hair only serves to make her pale skin seem even more so, and small features give her a slightly fragile air. Parted to one side, her straight locks are pulled back into a low bun, a pewter clip holding back any wayward ones from falling into her face.

She wears an understated gown made of expensive silks. A rich emerald green is embroidered delicately with golden thread. Over a stiff bodice, she wears a black fur wrap during the colder months. Large opal earrings match the pendant around her neck, while on her left hand, she wears a golden wedding ring and a simple clasped bracelet, also in gold.

Phrixus's Description

Phrixus is a large magpie of striking colour. His head, back and tail are an iridescent black, while his underside is pure white. His wings have a distinctive white stripe and a patch of shimmery midnight blue amongst the black feathers. His tail is long and straight, his beak sharp, and his eyes keen.



Tessa is the young bride of Charles Lamport, a self-made shipping magnate. Originally from France, she's relocated to London to live with her husband. She doesn't speak too much about her personal history, but makes no secret of the fact that the de la Mater name is very well-known and respected in France.eet as an Alethiometrist-at-Large. To that end, he's recently arrived in London, where he hopes to make a name for himself.


Socialite - drawing, painting, pianoforte, shopping, gossip, languages, etiquette.


Tessa employs Edward Lane as her butler.

Tessa's mother-tongue is French. She speaks English well, but very formally and with a thick accent.

Tessa has two older brothers, one in the French armed forces, and one in the Church.

Friends, Enemies, and In-Between

  • Charles: Husband. They don't always get along all that well, nor do they have much in common, but try to at least have an understanding for one another.
  • Lane: Butler. While limited by the nature of their employer/servant relationship, the two have engaged in a few conversations, with varying degrees of success.
  • Victoria: Friend. As close as a confidante as Tessa has in this country. She doesn't know Victoria overly well yet, but they seem to have much in common.
  • Daniel: Acquaintance. Tessa has only chatted with him a few times, but they've gotten on well enough.

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