Sunset Rains (nee Attwater)
Played By Nikki Costa
Gender Female
Birthdate February 20
Age 28
Birthplace Trollesund, Lapland
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives Rose Attwater (mother), Matthew Rains (son), Julia Rains (daughter)
Daemon Zeru (Panther)
Daemon Voice Actor Bill Nighy


Standing at around 5'7", one of the most noticeable things about Sunset is most likely her hair. A wild and unruly mass of curls, it's a nearly unnatural, fiery shade of red that falls close to her hips when not held back in a braid. Her eyes are a bright emerald green that nearly always seem to be dancing with some sort of impish mischief and amusement, matching the fact that her lips always seem to be holding back a secretive smile.

Her skin is pale, though for how much time she spends out in the sun during her free time, it is not uncommon to see her with a hint of sunburn across her cheeks. Sunset is usually dressed in ankle length skirts and blouses with shorter sleeves, her clothes are more functional than fancy, made to be easier to move in than look nice.

As for Zeru, the large cat stands a little bit over three feet tall at the shoulder, and is nine feet long from his nose to the tip of his tail. His fur is pure black, and meticulously kept clean and soft. His eyes, however, take away from anything that could lead to an assumption of him being a larger version of a house cat. A bright and piercing orange, his eyes are always on guard, alertly watching everything that goes on around him.


Extremely protective of any of those she holds dear, Sunset's motherly personality extends to more than just her children, and she is quick to fight in defense of those she holds dear. Offering help and care to any of those she considers friends and family, the redhead is quick to trust people as well, something that has come back to bite her a few times, though this has not stopped her from easily accepting new friends.

Sunset is a very independant individual. While she can work fine with a group of people, she much rather prefers to work on her own, or by her own rules. She's also extremely sarcastic by default, and has a ver large temper. While it isn't easily set off, anyone that's been a victim of it does their best to not cross her again.


Sunset's main talent comes in the form of card playing. Whether it's luck, skill, or both, she's rarely lost a card game since she started playing at age fifteen. She's also a fair shot when it comes to guns, and a decent hand to hand fighter as well.


Born out of wedlock to Rose Attwater, Sunset was named for the time of day which she took her first breath. Born in Trollesund, Lapland, while her clan of Gyptains were at port, Sunset never knew her father. However, looking back on her life, she would say that she can't see how this had any ill effect of her. Growing up very close to her mother, the girl helped her with tasks that she needed help with. Otherwise she learned how to shoot in free time from other members of the crew, something she slowly learned, or played and occasionally fought with other children aboard the ship. However, her closest friend through all of this was her daemon Zeru.

Zeru shifted quite a bit throughout Sunset's childhood, never quite landing on a favorite form, though he did seem to fancy various versions of cats more than anything else. However, he finally settled on a black panther once Sunset reached puberty. It was soon after this that Sunset quit playing on deck and taking on more serious tasks, becoming part of the ship's growing crew, though she quickly started doing things her own way. While this was at first frowned upon, it was eventually realized that things were at least getting done in an efficient manner. What did it matter /how/ it was done?

During the day, she was on deck, and at night, below watching others play cards. Eventually, after watching as much as she could, she picked up a hand of cards herself. As it turned out, she had quite a bit of luck and skill when it came to cards. Soon, it became hard to find someone on ship to play a game of cards with her. Sunset was forced to play with new crew members who didn't know her reputation, or wait until docking to play with townsfolk.

It was during one of these days on land that Sunset's life changed. After becoming involved in a long and tiring game with a few townsmen, the inevitable happened. Sunset not only lost the game at hand, but lost half of her earnings from the day's trading as well. In a fit of anger, and perhaps shame at losing, the redhead punched the winner of the game, splitting his lip and knocking him out.

Once Rose found out about this incident, she ordered Sunset to find the man she had injured, apologize, and tend to his injuries as best as possibly could. Despite being near twenty years old at this point, Sunset obeyed, knowing her mother's temper could be as fierce as her own. After finding the man's name - Matthias Rains - it was only a short while before Sunset was able to track him down, halfheartedly apologizing and explaining why she was there.

Matthias was heartily amused with the job Sunset had been given and teased her about it throughout the evening by giving her various, senseless tasks that eventually led to another argument, which somehow led to a kiss between the two. Three weeks later, the couple was married.

Time went on, as it does, and the couple eventually found themselves with a second child on the way. Tragedy soon struck after this happy news, however, when Matthias was killed while trying to help break up a fight in a town while the Gyptian clan was docked. Sunset soon became a former shell of herself, staying in her room and only remembering to eat when her mother, son, or other member of the ship brought her food. However, it was her son and yet to be born second child that eventually gave her the strength to move on with her life. While she continued to grieve for Matthias, she also focused on raising her children to help distract her from her grief.

However, Sunset eventually decided that life in a ship was not the glory it was when she was younger, and eventually made the decision to stay on land when her clan docked in London. With her usual determination, and her children's welfare in mind, she soon found a job in the kitchens at the University of London.

While her life now may not be as adventurous as it once was, or as interesting as Sunset would enjoy, it is at least stable, happy, and because of her children, full of love. And what else does one need?


*Sunset has two children. One is a seven year old boy named Matthew, and the other is a five year old girl named Julia.

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