Reilkin Donatar
Reilkin Donatar
tim_curry.jpg Ferret.jpg
Gender Male
Birthdate October 15th
Age 28
Birthplace London, England
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives Martha Donatar (Mother - Deceased)
Daemon Ferox (Ferret)
Daemon Voice Actor None

Reilkin's Description

A tall rugged man with pitch black hair and intense eyes, Reilkin has a strikingly pale complexion despite his many years spent in Africa. He typically wares a solid black suit and a boulder cap, though not always. He often carries with him a straight black cane with the head of a cobra at its top, an item he is almost never seen without.

Ferox's Description

Ferox is a large Black-footed Ferret with large eyes and ears, about 2 feet in length. A dark brown fur covers most of the creature with pitch black fur covering her legs and surounding her eyes, as if she were wearing a mask.



Fencing Reilkin is a highly skilled fencer and shies away from any other form of weaponry or self defense. It is a skill That has saved his life on a number of occasions and often comes in handy in his line of work in the Magisterium.

Scripture Having been raised by a very religiouse mother, Reilkin is versed in much of the existing western scriptures and does his best to live by them on a daily basis.

In general, Reilkin has a rather intimidating appearance and his stand-offish nature lends itself to this Image.

IC Occurrences

A stroll in the park (Reilkin meets Jasper)

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