Prudence T. Mazzo
Played By Alizée Jacotey
Gender Female
Birthdate December 23
Age 14
Birthplace Comitato, Italy
Current Location London, Brytain
Known Relatives Unnamed (mother); Unnamed (father); Unnamed (brother)
Daemon Scamander (Agama Lizard)
Daemon Voice Actor None

Prudence's Description

A petite brunette in her teens, small-chested and thin as a rail. She is healthy and lean, her legs long in proportion to the rest of her body, though they don’t add much in the way of visual height. Bobbed brown hair brushes her shoulders, framing a high, open forehead; bangs are left free to curve in strands over her cheeks. Her eyes are a warm brown, though both they and her hair are dark enough to appear almost black, underlining a heritage that isn’t quite English. Dark, fierce eyebrows and an upturned nose complete a mature appearance; little makeup is worn, for little is needed. She moves with a dancer’s easy grace.

Prudence wears clothes that are fashionable and suitable for her age group, though limited within her lower middle-class status. Currently: jean jacket, low white camisole, black pleated mini-skirt, heelless black sandals.

Scamander's Description


A small blue lizard. Color distinguishes this tiny reptile from others of his ilk: a bright, turquoise-blue sheen sheathes his scales in a mosaic pattern. A tail banded blue-and-black accounts for more than half his length. His eyes are black, half-lidded with a brush of red as though with lazy wisdom.


Prudence is a dancer and the daughter of a dancer. Her father left when Prudence was still a baby, but her mother, a woman of Italian descent, earned money for both their mouths through a second-tier ballet company. The little girl was thus often left alone, joining the “townie” children for pranks and crude camaraderie in London’s streets. Her daemon regularly chose the shape of a blue lizard, a reptile thin and tough, lithe and sticky-fingered like his human counterpart. Prudence wasn’t a /bad/ girl – she did care for her mother, and her younger brother got taken care of one way or another, but if her parents had named her in wistfulness their choice was rather off.

She didn’t have her time /entirely/ to herself. Her mother enrolled her in several small schools, so she would at least be literate; soon it progressed to enrollment in dance schools, which would probably turn out to be much more useful. Prudence proved she enjoyed the latter, for like her mother she found she had a natural form for it. There was occasionally some trouble when she brought her street attitude onto the floor: competitiveness, dirty mouths, but such was always to be expected in any serious studio, even one comprised of youngsters. These two worlds – the world of the dance studio, and the one outside – are the two Prudence loves and knows best, and as she will gladly tell you, life in one isn’t any easier than life in the other. Lacking the active presence of parents, she has grown up independently and with a clear head. That is how she prefers it.


Prudence has received training in a variety of dance types: tap, jazz, ballet, modern. Though some would say it’s because of her youthful bones (and there’s a measure of truth in that), Prudence is very flexible in her legs. Besides dance she has relatively few natural talents, though she is a quick learner: she has a swift hand for styling hair, and she knows enough sewing to repair her own costumes. Painting is her oddity of a knack – the wet and colorful and messy kind. She has an internal knowledge of London’s lower streets and hiding places, having pickpocketed and explored her way through many of them.


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