Mildraed Lynne Payne
Played By Lauren Ambrose
Gender Female
Birthdate 5 September
Age 29
Birthplace Brytain
Current Location London
Known Relatives Mother, three younger siblings
Daemon Aristophanes (Bouvier)

Millie's Description

Red hair and pale, freckled skin betray a Nordic or Celtic heritage somewhere along the way, though Millie is a Londoner born and bred. When working, her hair is almost always up, often in a messy bun held in place with whatever was at hand. Outside of the job, she prefers to wear her hair down, falling in loose waves past her shoulders.

So it is with her manner of dress: at work, she wears an unflattering and demure uniform that makes her solid build seem almost chunky, and when on her own time, she chooses flowing blouses and skirts that are more becoming. Her shoes, however, are always comfortable, and she never wears any visible jewellery.

Aristophanes's Description

Aristophanes is a large, stolid canine, covered all over with a shaggy, dense black coat. The wiry fur grows long on his massive head as well, obscuring his eyes and giving him a long beard, so that the only features readily visible are a keen nose, and triangular ears that point straight up. When they can be seen, the dark brown eyes are warm and friendly. His build is square and heavy, with a deep chest, and his fur is always kept impeccably clean and groomed so that he doesn't carry about any germs or dirt.



Millie works as a school nurse and caregiver at St. Paul's Cathedral School. Her youngest brother died of smallpox when she was 14, inspiring her to go into nursing. She's spent most of her adult life travelling, however, having spent time nursing on the front lines of several battles, and then doing missionary work bringing education and paediatric care to impoverished areas. She's only recently returned to London, wanting to be closer to her family after her father died of a heart-attack.


Nursing, childcare, languages, travel, limited weapons care, knitting, sewing, housekeeping, cooking.


Currently works at St. Paul's Cathedral School.

Devoted to the Church, she spent some time in a convent several years ago, but never took vows.

Very well travelled, having done missionary work and spent time as a military nurse.

Friends, Enemies, and In-Between

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IC Occurrences

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