Kipp Daley
Gender Male
Birthdate June 18th
Age 24
Birthplace Kensington, England
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives

Jorge Daley - Father
Hampton & Julius - Uncles
|Kate Daley - Sister in Law

Daemon Hedgehog
Daemon Voice Actor None

Kipp's Description

Kipp Daley has a boyish look about him. He is short with a scrawny build, his head a little too large for his body and facial hair nowhere in sight. The young man's ears stick out from his head just a little too far, the end of his nose bulbousy. Kipp's cheeks are full, a chipmunk sort of feeling to his otherwise small frame. His brow is thick and hangs over his murky green eyes. A dirty blonde crop of hair is usually unkempt and messy, hanging over his forehead. Kipp's clothes are never exactly clean or neat, but they are quality garments.


Forsythia's Description

Forsythia is a common white-bellied hedgehog. She is small, taking up no more than a grown man's palm width. Her small body is a light cream-yellow, her belly the white blaze of her namesake. Sythia's spikes vary from black to white, giving her a peppered look. She has glossy, black eyes, set just above a brown muzzle and a square, black, and moist nose.


Kipp Daley was born to the Kensington Daley's, a wealthy town just west of London. While not the most rich or well known of the upperclass, the Daley's have been influential in the research and profit of scientific equipment. Kipp's father and two uncles all attended the University of London, where they gained the status of engineers and scientists. From there they opened their business together, selling new and innovative research tools.
The boy grew up comfortably, getting a good knowledge of London and the surrounding universities once he was old enough to tag along with his father on business trips. Never having much of an interest in the facilities of learning, Kipp was still pushed through school and exited with grades good enough to attend the University of London himself.
Without much of a drive, Kipp slipped through school with only his barest of smarts and obtained a degree in Astrological sciences. He is now a lower level apprentice splitting his time between London's observatory and museums, living in the heart of the city.


Astrology With a backing of a degree behind his knowledge, Kipp is well versed in astrology and basic science.

Engineering Growing up in a family of engineers, Kipp can work his way around alots of small instruments and devices. He is quite able to fix machines, though he has little formal training and his knowledge is just passed down from his father and uncles.

Cooking With his mother dead at a young age, Kipp learned to cook and prepare meals since he could talk. His culinary skills have grown considerably and he enjoys the task.

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