Welcome to London!

This is not the London of our world, or even the Victorian London, although it shares similarities with both. This is the London of Lyra's World from the His Dark Materials series, and even then it is the London approximately fifty years before her time. There is a distinct steampunk flair to a Victorian imagining of the city.

Airships swan grandly through the sky while anbaric power is only slowly infiltrating the city. Things are a little rougher, and a little grander than we are used to, between the bright glass and metal glitter of the more affluent sections of the city and the dark, sooty grime that coats much of the rest.

The Church

The Church dominates the Western world, not only spiritually but politically. It is a powerful organization that draws inspiration from the Catholic church in its ranks and dress, while differing in several fundamental ways.

Half governing body, half spiritual, their influence is not to be underestimated. No Protestant split exists, and no such division would be tolerated. The existing schism between the western Church and the eastern Orthodoxy is a source of tension for people on both side of the divide, while the religions of other nations such as Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam are stranger yet to many under the Church's influence.

Based in Geneva, the Church is composed of several groups within whole, organized in collegiate fashion. The Papacy was abolished after Pope John Calvin's death in the 16th century, leaving these different groups to rise and fall in influence, power, and strength. Known as a whole as the Magisterium, it includes the following organizations:

College of Bishops

Once the ruling body of the Church, much of its power has been lost over the years.

Consistorial Court of Discipline

Akin to our Inquisition, they are a powerful body lead by a board of twelve headed by a president. They practice preemptive absolution wherein assassins within the organization do penance in advance of a sin they will commit, such as that of murder done in the name of the Church.

Vatican Council

Another powerful arm of the Church, they have the authority to approve executions.

Society of the Work of the Holy Spirit

Another organization within the Church, it boasts one of the better alethiometer readers.

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