For any MU* to function properly, certain rules must be followed, and Daemon MUCK is no exception. Rules are subject to change as the MUCK progresses. If you are found to have broken any of these rules, consequences will be enforced, ranging from a warning to, in extreme cases, banning.

1. No harassment, insults, or anything that would otherwise make players feel unwelcome.

2. No twinking. In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences.

3. The MUCK's rating is considered PG-13, as we expect many younger fans of the book to be present on the grid at any given time. Violence is bound to occur as a part of various plots, but excessively grotesque poses are not acceptable. Anyone who is found to have referred to sexual acts, either OOC or IC, in an explicit manner will be jailed for an indeterminate period of time, or possibly even banned. 'Fades to black' are the best method for dealing with scenes of a romantic nature. If you're seeking out this sort of roleplay, please take it to an adult-themed MU*, not here.

4. Players are initially limited to a total of 3 characters to prevent alts from becoming inactive/unused. More information on this can be found in 'news characters'.

5. Be sure to read all of the news files for important information regarding the MUCK. If in doubt about whether something is allowed, ask a wizard.

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