For those guests who might not be familiar with MU*s/using telnet, here is a short guide on how to connect to Daemon MUCK.

First of all, downloading a client is highly recommended, such as MuckClient, MushClient, or SimpleMU.

To connect via telnet, type the following URL into your address bar: telnet://

If using a client, use the address as and the port number as 5000.

When you've connected, you should see a welcome screen. From here, you'll type 'con guest guest'. To type on the newbie channel and ask for help, type 'new Your question here'.

When you've read through the news files (done by typing 'news', then 'news topicname'), you may then create your first character by typing '@request'. Fill out the fields there by typing the letter in brackets and then your information.

When you have submitted your character, you may then reconnect to the MUCK and type 'con name password' to connect as your character. Then, proceed to Character Setup by typing 'cs'. This will be done for all exits in order to move around — type the letters in the < > brackets to proceed to that area. Follow the directions here to set up your character.

The MUCK Manual and Ginger's New Player's Guide to MUCKs may both be of extra help as well. And remember, staffers are usually available to assist you as well should you have any questions!

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