Concerning Daemons

Every human has its companion daemon. This is the external representation of the human's soul, its form dependent upon the human's personality. Daemons are generally the opposite gender of their human, with very rare exceptions.

Daemons cannot stray very far from their human; while precise range varies by the individual, it is usually a matter of mere feet. The daemons of witches are the only ones able to travel any distance from their human.

A child's daemon is considered to be "unsettled", and can take many different animal shapes; it will usually have one preferred, 'favorite' form. When the child reaches puberty, their daemon settles into its permanent form.

Daemons can speak aloud; they communicate and interact with their human counterparts, and with the daemons of other people. However, for a person to touch another person's daemon, or for a daemon to touch another person, is extreme taboo for any but an intimate couple.

A daemon's shape is a symbolic representation of its human's personality. A list of some daemon forms and their significance is available on this wiki.

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