Useful Commands

This is a list of basic commands on the game. It is intended only as an overview, and very far from comprehensive. For any command on the list, see help <command> and/or <command> #help for more information on its use (e.g. help @po, page #help).


Command Aliases Function Example
say <text> "<text> Say something for the room to hear. say Hi. —> Ashe says, "Hi."
pose <text> :<text> Send an action to the room. pose waves. —> Ashe waves.
spoof <text> @emit <text> Send plain text to the room. spoof The sky is blue. —>
The sky is blue.
@po poseorder
Displays the current poseorder for a scene.
+ooc <text> osay <text>
> <text>
OOC equivalent of say. +ooc Hi. —>
<OOC> Ashe says, "Hi."
+ooc :<text> opose <text>
> :<text>
OOC equivalent of pose. +ooc :waves. —>
<OOC> Ashe waves.
+ooc &<text> ospoof <text>
> &<text>
OOC equivalent of spoof. +ooc &The sky is blue. —>
<OOC> The sky is blue.
whisper <name>=<text> Private message to someone in the same room.
page <name>=<text> Private message to someone anywhere on the game.
mail <name>=<subject> Enter the list-editor to send a multiline message to another player.
qmail <name>=<text> Send a single-line mail message to another player.
pub <text> chat <text>
+pub <text>
Speak on the public channel. pub Hi. —>
Public> Ashe says, "Hi."
pub :<text> chat :<text>
+pub :<text>
Pose on the public channel. pub :waves. —>
Public> Ashe waves.
read #new +read #new
+bbread #new
Lists new bulletin board posts.
read <board>/<post> +read <b>/<p>
+bbread <b>/<p>
Read the given post on a board. read 1/1
write <b>/<subject> +post <b>/<s>
+bbpost <b>/<s>
Enter the editor for a new post <subject> on board <b>.


Command Aliases Function
news Displays a list of game newsfiles.
news <topic> Displays a specified newsfile.
help +help Returns the table of contents for the game's helpfiles.
help <command> +help Prints the server helpfile for a given command.
Additional information may be available through <command> #help.
WHO Lists everyone online (case-sensitive).
look l Look at the room you're in.
look <name> l <name> Look at something (or someone) else at your location.
ws whospecies Gives a summary of all the players in the room.
find +who Lists all online players, their locations, and basic info for each.
where +where Lists all online players and their location.
@alts alts
Lists your alternate characters.
admin Displays the game's administrators and their specialties.

Movement of Players and Things

Command Aliases Function
home Sends you home from anywhere on the game.
oocc nexus Shortcut to the OOC Nexus.
jump <name> j <name>
teleport <name>
tel <name>
Moves you to <name>'s location.
jump #global j #global
teleport #global
tel #global
Prints a list of places you can jump to and their aliases.
meet <name> mjoin <name>
+join <name>
Ask to join a player at their location.
msummon <name> summon <name>
+summon <name>
Offer to bring a player to your location.
QUIT Log off the game (case-sensitive).

Character and Object Configuration

Command Aliases Function
@password <old>=<new> @pass <old>=<new> Change your password from <old> to <new>.
@describe me=<text> @desc me=<text> Set your description to <text>.
pinfo <name> +finger <name> View <name>'s character information.
oinfo <name> +oinfo <name>
+ofinger <name>
View <name>'s OOC information, if set.
+hist <name> +bg <name> View <name>'s history, if set and public.
See +hist #help for editing instructions.
+pers <name> pers <name> View <name>'s personality, if set and public.
See +pers #help for editing instructions.
pinfo #set +finger #set
oinfo #set
Enter the editor for your information.
+daemon <name> Create a daemon for your character, with the given name.
+daemon #edit Edit your daemon's characteristics
(e.g. name, species, controlling action, follow messages, etc.)
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