Applying to Daemon MUCK

Applications to Daemon MUCK are done on the MUCK. In order to submit your application, connect to Daemon at port 5000 as a guest. Once you are connected as a guest, you can request a character using the '@request' command. In order to have a character created, you will need to know your character's name and gender. You will also need to provide your name, e-mail address, birth date.

Characters are automatically created, so as soon as you finish requesting your character, you can log on and begin working on your application. Before your application is submitted, you will need to write a description, history, and personality for your character. You will also need to decide on your daemon's name, and possibly gender. If your character has not entered puberty, you will need to write a description for his or her most common form. If your character is beyond puberty, you will need to decide on the daemon's settled species, write a description for the daemon, and provide us with a reason why you chose that daemon.

Once all of this is finished, you can submit your application by typing '+submit'. Your application will need to be approved by two staff members in order to be validated, after which you can enter the on-grid world and begin role-playing. If there are any problems with your applications, a staff member will page you to try to work them out so that your application can still be approved.

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