Daniel d'Arsinoe, Comte de Rocambole
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Played By David Tennant
Gender Male
Birthdate April 18th
Age 28
Birthplace Venetian Republic
Current Location London, England
Known Relatives Alexander d'Arsinoe (father), Jerome Harper (brother)
Daemon Circe (Capuchin Monkey)
Daemon Voice Actor None

Daniel's Description

A sharp-dressed young man in his late-twenties, Daniel is clearly a man about town, the most fashionable dandy in the boulevard. His hair is an ordinary brown, styled with pomade in an attempt to keep from brushing onto his forehead, but the cut shows effort especially in the sideburns he keeps neatly trimmed. With wide brown eyes and spattering of freckles on pale skin, coupled with a thin roman nose his overall appearance is dashing.

Tall and skinny like a beanpole, he has the slim figure to fit all the latest cuts from Savile Row. Today he is wearing a white suit, with a cream-colored dress shirt and a silver tie with striking emerald swirls on it.

Circe's Description

Circe, Daniel's daemon, is settled in the form of a Capuchin monkey. Notably, Circe's eyes are amber yellow. The delicate, exposed skin of her face and paws is pale cream, the color of tea after milk. The fur of her face and chest is that same cream color, contrasting with the solid, dependable brown of the rest of her, all the way down her long flexable tail.


Daniel d'Arsinoe, the Comte de Rocambole, was born in the Venetian Republic while his father, Alexander d'Arsinoe, was serving as the Court Alethiometrist to the Doge. By his father's side, the young Daniel was educated by the best tutors, while receiving a grand tour of the continent. At the age of thirteen, he was taken into the family business to serve as his father's apprentice.

With the recent passing of his father in Paris, Daniel is now finding his feet as an Alethiometrist-at-Large. To that end, he's recently arrived in London, where he hopes to make a name for himself.


Alethiometry, cards, horseback riding, wit, and charm.


Daniel speaks French, Italian and German. When speaking English, he has a continental accent.

Daniel's alethiometer is silver.

IC Occurrences

Daniel meets Tessa and her butler, Lane

Daniel meets Delilah and runs into Tessa in the marketplace.

Daniel meets his older half-brother, Jerome.

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