Character Creation

Coming up with a character is often one of the more difficult tasks related to roleplaying. Below is a list of underdone and overdone concepts that may help you decide what sort of character to try out:

Overdone (require better applications):


Limited (require better applications):
- Witches
- Same-sex daemons
- Mythical species daemons

Not Allowed:
- Panserbjorne
- Characters from the series

Characters are auto-created by @request, and their information is then added by traveling through the Character Setup rooms before being validated by a wizard and allowed onto the IC grid. As mentioned in the rules, players are limited to a total of _ characters to prevent alts from becoming inactive/unused.

Names are also a tough decision. Just about any name appropriate to the time and setting of the MUCK is acceptable, and a myriad of naming resources can be found to help you pick one. If you need help coming up with a name for your daemon, below is a list of some naming resources with traditional etymologies: (particularly

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